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What is 100% WHEY?

Our PhD 100% Whey is a delicious tasting, easy to mix and expertly formulated whey protein powder that delivers around 20g of protein in a single scoop whilst being low carb, low fat and less than 100kcals per serving.

The Benefits of 100% WHEY

Rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and L-Glutamine, our 100% Whey protein is considered the No.1 premium protein source. 100% Whey provides all the essential amino acids as well as being digested both quickly and efficiently by the body, making it the ideal product when your body needs quality protein fast! PhD 100% Whey contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and is perfect for both pre and post-training sessions or even between meals as a source of high-quality protein.

Who is 100% WHEY for?

Our PhD 100% Whey is perfect for men and women who are looking to increase or maintain muscle mass as well as strength as part of high-intensity resistance training. It’s ideal for those seeking lean muscle gains and a high-quality source of protein (post-workout) without the additional carbohydrates at less than 100 k/cal per serving. 100% Whey can also be enjoyed by anyone who is just looking for a delicious and convenient way to increase their daily protein intake.

PHD 100% Whey 2Kg

₹7,600.00 Regular Price
₹6,000.00Sale Price
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