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The start of Protein Shoppe is a personal story, one of being a consumer searching for quality supplement products and being unable to find a reliable retailer of nutraceutical supplements. Back in 2007, there were very little to choose from.

From Protein Shoppe’s humble beginnings in 2007 from our first store at Kottayam (Kerala), we are now at 6 stores in Kerala and one in Karnataka.

With a passion for fitness, we have staff members who have an education in nursing & physiology, certifications in Weight Training, Nutrition and Personal Training from international bodies like IFBB as we set out to change the landscape by not only providing authentic and good quality supplement products for discerning consumers but also imparting our knowledge of supplement products and their specific use to help individuals achieve their fitness goals.

We have products (Protein powders, Protein bars, Creatine, Pre workouts, Intra workouts, Vitamins & Minerals etc.) for all body types, male or female, from the hardcore bodybuilder or competing athlete to the everyday gym goer – Reach out to us and let us assist you in your journey to be the best YOU!


Pravanth Kkumar

“Quite long I’m buying products from Protein Shoppe and they are really selling all authentic products. Also it’s trustworthy to buy any products from them blindly and definitely it shows good results.”

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