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  • Helix WHEY 5lb

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    HELIX WHEY   Helix Nutrition was formulated with the consumer in mind. Everyone wants a great tasting protein that delivers results using the highest quality ingredients; and that is exactly what Helix WHEY does. Key Features: WHEY Protein Isolates: Deliver between 23-24g of protein per serving (depending on flavor) Amino Acid Stack: Healthy dose of essential protein delivering Amino Acids. Extremely Low Net Carbs: 1.5-2.5g of Carbohydrates per serving (depending on flavor) Absent to Low in Sugar: 0g-1.5g of Sugar per serving (depending on flavor) There is a reason Helix WH3Y has become a top-seller in the industry, it is great on its own in water as well as in a variety of different drinks from milkshakes to smoothies. We understand that you want results, and that you want your protein shake to taste excellent. That’s why we have focused so predominantly on flavor, so that you will enjoy it at the same time, gaining the results you expect.

    • 65 servings
    • 24g of Protein per Serving
    • ZERO Sugar, Super Low Sodium, Carbs, and Fat
    • Award Winning Taste