BSRK 100% Whey 5lb

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100% BSRK Whey Protein delivers an ultra-high quality protein formula with high amounts of naturally occurring amino acids the body needs every day. Whey protein is essential in any nutrition regimen, regardless of age or activity, providing a catalyst to the body for protein synthesis and muscle growth. This formula will provide your body with the pure, clean, high-quality protein you need to fuel muscles while maximizing recovery.
BERSERKER FORMULATION looked to improve this 100% Whey Protein formula Specifically through a higher protein formula to enhance nitrogen retention. Your muscles can only grow when your body retains enough nitrogen. And one of the most effective sources of nitrogen for fueling lean muscle mass is whey protein.
The specially manufactured whey protein found in this formula delivers naturally-occurring anabolic amino acids into your bloodstream. This spike in aminos provides nitrogen and subsequently creates a nitrogen-rich environment needed for maximum muscle protein synthesis. This is crucial to the building of lean muscle mass.

  • Gmo free
  • Gluten free
  • Abundant in bcaa’s
  • Synthetic color free
  • High-quality whey protein
  • 23g of whey protein per serving
  • Supports muscle recovery and growth
  • Great-tasting low carb, low fat& sugar free formula
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