Vegan Protein

  • ANS Performance Fresh1 Vegan Protein 2lb

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    4,750.00 3,500.00

    Taste the FRESH1 Difference!

    FRESH1 Plant Based Protein shake powers your day with real food nutrition.

    • Every scoop contains 21 grams of delicious complete protein from 5 fresh plant sources.
    • Made from peas, brown rice, pumpkin seed and the superfoods lentil and quinoa.
    • Mixes instantly and delivers a smooth, delicious all-natural flavor that you’ll crave!
    • Proceeds from every unit sold help global reforestation efforts with our One Tree Planted partnership!
  • BSRK Vegan Fit -Chocolate-2.2lb

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    2,300.00 2,185.00

    BSRK VEGAN FIT pea protein digests easily since it contains absolutely no lactose or gluten. It is suitable for the whole family from 8 years old and up to maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

    •      Pea protein helps in weight loss since it could lower ghrelin levels.

    •     Pea protein is naturally cholesterol and fat free.

    •      Free of any form of animal-based protein.

    •      Improves glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity.

    •      Best dietary supplement to meet your daily protein requirement.

  • Vegan Protein

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    8,999.00 8,998.00
    • Perfect high protein formula for vegans
    • 7 fantastic flavours available
    • Five premium plant-based protein sources
    • Smooth mouth-feel
    • 23g protein per serving
    • Low in sugar and saturated fat
    • High in fibre
    • Soya free and gluten free
    • No artificial sweeteners or colours
    • Added digestive enzymes