About Us

Protein Shoppe India started in 2007 with the dream of improving the quality of life of men and women alike through professional exercise and nutrition advice. We understand the challenges faced by Indian men and women in getting healthy and remaining fit.

According to world health organization survey a high percentage of the population suffers from heart disease and reduced immune system responses to various illnesses. The reason behind the same is unbalanced Indian diet, sedentary lifestyles and insufficient nutrition.

Our company promotes healthy lifestyles through appropriate exercise plans and structured nutrition programs, the regular Indian diet is deficient in many of the essential vitamins and minerals required for long lasting life and active lives, with 5 years of professional fitness and bodybuilding experience, we promote and distribute the best brands of nutrition supplements both international and Indian that best suits an individual’s need.

We believe in saying ‘health is wealth’ and our aim is to make everyone rich (health-wise).

Our Features

  • Imported International Brand
  • Genuineness Check Facility
  • Warehouse Style Stores
  • Numerous International Brands of your choice
  • Free Nutrition & Health consultation for customers