Carnitine And Liver Disease

Carnitine And Liver Disease

Carnitine plays a very important role in metabolism and utilization of fatty acids in the liver. Also some evidence that carnitine deficiency within the liver promotes fatty infiltration also known as steatosis or liver congestion.

Carnitine And Oral Steroids.

Carnitine intake is very important while athletes are on oral steroids. Higher the carnitine level lesser will be the stress on the liver. It also helps in the reduction of triglycerides and LDL.


Alcohol ingestion is the most common cause of fatty liver or fatty infiltration of the liver. Researchers suggest that chronic alcohol consumption reduces the carnitine level and its functional capabilities. However carnitine significantly inhibits and reverse alcohol induced fatty liver disease.

Supplementing carnitine can reduce free fatty acid levels in patients with liver cirrhosis and reduce serum triglycerides and liver enzyme while increasing HDL cholesterol in alcohol induced fatty liver and steroid abused liver disease conditions.

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Jis Philipson
Sports Nutritionist

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